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Cookies policy

Described cookie policy applies to all websites and mobile applications owned by IcyCherry Sp. z o.o.

Cookies – tiny text data sent by WWW server an saved on user’s device (usually on a hard drive). By default data stored in cookies can be accessed only by server which stored them. Cookies are mostly used for counters, surveys, online stores, websites allowing users to log in, advertisements and monitoring visitors activity.

Source: www.wikipedia.pl

We are using cookies for:

  • adjusting website to users preference,
  • gathering anonymous data about preferred way of using service,
  • helping users navigate and use website easier,
  • ensure safety standards.

We are using “persistent” and “session” cookies. “Persistent” files are present in browser until they are eleted by user or expired. “Session” files are present until user closes browser or logs out of website that stored them.

Cookies are also used by entity cooperating with IcyCherry Sp. z o.o.. – Google Inc. We are using Google Analytics services, which have their own privacy policy:

All modern browsers allow turning on or off cookies (usually it is turned on by default). User that does not want cookies to be stored should change their browser settings accordingly.