Immediate creditworthiness rating

We make loan processes easier, while
minimising credit risk.

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Behavioural analysis of customer
and rating of their financial condition.

FinSafe makes it possible to gain data about
customer’s financial habits in few seconds.

We gather customer’s behavioural data
an our algorithm rates
customer’s financial condition.

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How FinSafe works?

  • 1

    of the account

    Customer logs into their bank account through our platform, giving us access to their past financial operations data.

  • 2


    Our algorithms gather data from their linked social media and outside sources (KRD, BIK among others). That way we have all data needed for accurate description of customer’s financial condition and habits.

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    Creditor receives all gathered and analysed data. Received result is clear yet complex client’s behavioural analysis and client’s credit score.

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    in few seconds

    Analysis is based on gathered data and client’s financial habits. It makes possible to base decision on most rational premises, while reducing credit risk.

FinSafe is solution for creditors
offering their services both online and offline.



Automation of loan decision

FinSafe allows extension of currently in use credit score engine or being used as such. We share customer’s transaction history an KPI, also allowing integration with outside data sources, such as KRD or BIK.



Faster decision

Our solution makes earnings statements redundant. We make it possible to upgrade or even fully automate process of loan decisions. By FinSafe loan can be given during one appointment. Source of income data is available after only dozen of seconds.

Why choose FinSafe?


Gain more customers

Complicated procedures associated with loans discourage clients.

Our solution simplifies and quickens the process, stopping it from being described as burdensome and long-drawn.


Save time and

By FinSafe platform you can easily and quickly access data about client’s financial condition.

By basing your decision on gathered data, you can significantly reduce credit risk. It saves your time and minimalizes costs.


Strengthen your position
on the market

Strong competition among creditors makes innovative solutions absolutely necessary to draw customer’s attention.

By introducing FinSafe you are not only optimising credit processes, but also establish your Business image as innovative and responsive to Customer’s needs.


We are ahead customers expectations!

Our engineers will assist you in implementation of FinSafe system and every next stage of platform usage. Our Customer Service will answer every question and help find solution that satisfies all your needs.

Meet our team

We are enthusiasts of new technologies. Our mission is to deliver innovative solution for finance institutions.

Łukasz Grochal

CEO & Co-owner

Konrad Kulig

COO & Co-owner

Adam Zuba

CMO & Co-owner

Paulina Dudek

Junior Software Engineer

Marcin Szyńcowicz

Software Engineer

Tomasz Łapiński

Software Engineer

Ewa Basta

Graphic Designer

Agnieszka Putz

Front End Developer

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